• Nigel Farage to be sold off for parts.

  • Newton's Laws of Gravity to be renegotiated.

  • All doorways to be increased one foot in height.

  • Political debates to include swimsuit competition.

  • Pass new law to require all men called Allistair / Alistair / Alastair / Alisdair / Allister / Alister to pick one damn spelling and move on.

  • Shepherd's Pies required to contain at least 10% actual shepherd.

  • The Third Dimension to be extended, allowing us to make steps to provide a Fourth Dimension by 2030.

  • Provide funding for Royal Astronomy Society to come up with less embarrassing name for the planet Uranus.

  • Replace House of Lords with Palace of the Supreme Galactic Overlord

  • Prime Minister's salary to be based on job performance as with all career criminals.


"Defenseless Earthlings, I command you to enjoy my stupid mailing list!"

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