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Sadly in this day and age, we all must be vigilant and remain on the look-out for suspicious activity or suspicious-looking characters who may be posing as Lord Buckethead.  
"If You See Something, Say Something!"
"See it.  Say it.  Sorted."
"Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They Aren't After You"
Attention Bucketeers:  
If you think you see Lord Buckethead in public, but then again on second thought something just isn't quite right, REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY to us by sending a photo of your suspicious sighting to
so that we may post it on this website to alert everyone of the potential danger.
Do not attempt to approach the imposter yourself, as he, she, or the alien lifeform may be armed, or have multiple arms.
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Thank you, Bucketeers, for submitting your sightings below
and bringing them to the attention of your local law enforcement agencies.
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