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The next Lord Buckethead comic book is currently in production.  We're not going to leak any art yet, but His Lordship thinks it is fantastic.  
Not long ago at a comic book convention, Lord Buckethead was once again ambushed, this time very unsportsmanlike in the Men's Room, by a gang of fanboys demanding that he write a comic book series about his real-life autobiographical adventures throughout the Galaxy. Fearing for his personal safety, complicated by a "stubbornly tenacious" case of irritable-bowel-syndrome, His Lordship finally capitulated, and set out to work.  
Word traveled fast, and Marvel artists, DC artists, and undiscovered artists lined up to contribute to the project, which will share net profits with children's health charities in the UK and the US.
Question:  Would you like to be notified when the next LORD BUCKETHEAD comic book is published? Are there any specific types of storylines that you'd like to see?  What do you love most about comic books?  Are you a comic book artist who'd like to contribute?  Let His Lordship know at
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