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  • Is this the Official Lord Buckethead Website?
    Yes, this is the only official Lord Buckethead website in the Milky Way.
  • What is the origin of the fictional character Lord Buckethead?
    Lord Buckethead is an original iconic supervillain appearing in American comic books and the sci-fi cult-movie GREMLOIDS, a micro-budget production created by a film student a few years before Mel Brooks’ parody SPACE BALLS featuring Dark Hemet.
  • As first seen in the comics, is it safe to assume that the letters "LB" on Lord Buckethead's personal shield stand for --"
    Yes, exactly, "Low Budget." The evil planet from which he comes does not enjoy the kind of financial support as is unfairly afforded to his fellow, so-called "more successful overlords."
  • Through the years since its creation, has the character of Lord Buckethead been played by multiple performers?"
    Yes, Lord Buckethead, like Batman, Spider-Man, or James Bond is a fictional character who has been played by many different performers for over 30 years. The anonymous performers always change, but the character and title remain, passing the torch (and bucket) through the generations to new talent.
  • When the Lord Buckethead character ran for political office in England over two years ago, was it His Lordship's first time to appear as a joke candidate?"
    No, Lord Buckethead first started appearing as a joke candidate over 30 years ago in the United Kingdom, standing against conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in May and June 1987. That new direction of his intergalactic space lord character began then and has continued with subsequent elections and ancillary projects.
  • Since Lord Buckethead's origins are American, just as are Darth Vader's, are his joke political campaigns in Britain managed or financed by Americans or any other countries outside the UK?"
    No. Since the 1980s, all official political campaigns in the UK are managed, financed, and performed exclusively by British citizens who have obtained legal permission from the American copyright holders. These licensees are never charged a fee.
  • After the performer of the 3rd incarnation of His Lordship made international news with the famous 1992 silly campaign against John Major, were there plans to run the Lord Buckethead character in future elections?"
    Yes, but only when the original gang was available again.
  • When a performer retires from playing the role of Lord Buckethead, will you retire the fictional character as well?"
    No, regardless of who last performs as the character, Lord Buckethead is an ongoing British tradition now entering its 4th decade. His Lordship is not going anywhere.
  • All these years later, is anyone who was involved in or related to the original campaigns still part of the current Team Buckethead that’s active today?"
    Yes, the team includes original campaign volunteers as well as direct protégés of the original UK team. His Lordship’s original British “family” is dedicated to carry on the comedic legacy that their mentors started in the 1980s, and invites anyone to join them in the fun.
  • Is Lord Buckethead considering a mock political campaign against the conservative U.S. President in 2020?
    If enough of his American supporters back the idea, His Lordship will seriously consider it.
  • Who exactly is Lord Buckethead? Given that he is a recurring fictional character, not any one performer, then who is he?"
    His Lordship is THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE. He does not represent any one individual's agenda. A fan put it best: "We are ALL Lord Buckethead. We are one."


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